Where is the most expensive home in your school district? Part 3

April 25, 2008

How about Grayson? Grayson is a rapidly developing community with a great high school. THE place to live in Grayson is Wilshire. While not as expensive as living on Wilshire in Los Angeles, living in Wilshire in Grayson is still not cheap. 2300 Wilshire Drive is a 5 bedroom 5 bath home with 2 half baths, a full finished basement and an inground pool. A bargain at only 1.699 million dollars, but you will have to make due with 3 fireplaces. The home sits on over 3 acres and is nearly 10,000 square feet. Throw in a 3500 square foot basement and you’ve got yourself a party. Here is a picture of the back of this home – It looks like a great place for a barbecue.

Peachtree Ridge High School is near the home of the bellsouth classic golf tournament, Sugarloaf Country Club. I have played the golf course and it’s a pretty nice place, so if you decide to move into Peachtree Ridge’s cluster, I will be pleased to help you purchase the most expensive home in the area, located inside the Sugarloaf gates at 2335 Sugarloaf Club Drive. This 7 bedroom home with 9 full baths and 4 half baths has recently been reduced to 6.995 million dollars. It sits on the golf course, overlooking the 11th and 12th holes. Have an au pair? This home has an au pair suite. When would you like to move in?

No matter what your home budget is, I can help you save money. I have a meticulously crafted process designed to determine just “how low can they go.” I have no fear of hurting feelings or embarassing realtors with low offers – I am there to look out for you! Call me today at 770-682-7735 and let’s buy a house!

Chris Compton



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