Where is the most expensive home in your school district? Part 4

April 25, 2008

Had enough? OK, OK – but just one more for tonight. Parkview offers us an opportunity to get into a brand new home in Harmony Estates, located at 515 Rockbridge Road in Lilburn. While it is true that most home prices are falling, this home has seen it’s offering price rise from 975,000 dollars to 1.1 million dollars. This 5 bedroom, 5 bath home with an additional 2 half baths is individually gated to keep out those pesky in-laws. It sits on over an acre of land and while there are only 4 fireplaces, at least there is a sauna. Love wine? We have a wine cellar. This picture is just an artist’s rendition, but dreams live in the hearts of artists.

No matter what your home budget is, I can help you save money. I have a meticulously crafted process designed to determine just “how low can they go.” I have no fear of hurting feelings or embarassing realtors with low offers – I am there to look out for you! Call me today at 770-682-7735 and let’s buy a house!

Chris Compton



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